2022 NFL Combine Scouting Grade Preview: Running Backs (RB)


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Ahead of the Combine, we’re doing a preview scouting of all the prospects we haven’t previewed at the Senior Bowl or East-West Shrine. We’ll grade the fresh Combine prospects and integrate them with our Senior Bowl and East-West prospects/grades into one ‘big board’, ranked with all the players invited to Indy for 2022.

After the Combine, we’ll start doing the actual numeric grades and doing the deeper dive reports on the top prospects and prospects of interest from all levels).




RB Isaiah Spiller, Texas A&M (Pre-Combine scouting grade: A-/B+)

Measurable Estimate = 6’0”/215

Pre-Combine Notes = Such a talented runner…size, speed, great burst/acceleration, good hands, nice agility. He has it all. You wish he was a touch bigger is about the only flaw. He is arguably the best RB in this draft…which we said he would be in that mix last summer during our 2021 previews.

NFL Comp? = A young, thinner-framed Adrian Peterson.



RB Kevin Harris, South Carolina (Pre-Combine scouting grade: B+, possible ‘A’)

Measurable Estimate = 5’10”/220

Pre-Combine Notes = A breakout performer in 2020, and a guy I thought was an ‘A’ grade RB in our 2021 summer series preview -- but then a weak 2021 junior season follow up. What happened? Well, Harris had offseason back surgery and he started slow, plus the Gamecocks’ O-Line was epically bad and Harris had a terrible 2021 season start but started feeling it/looking better late in the season…capping his career with 31 carries for 182 yards in a bowl win over UNC.

I love Harris’s running style and speed/acceleration and toughness combo. Could be the best in this class. Might be for su after the Combine. My comp (below) says what my eyes (think they) see…

NFL Comp? = A not-too-poor man’s Jonathan Taylor.



RB Zamir White, Georgia (Pre-Combine scouting grade: B+/C)

Measurable Estimate = 5’10”/212

Pre-Combine Notes = Strictly off 2021 tape, one could argue White is the best-looking runner of the 2022 class…a huge compliment. The fastest/quickest acceleration and agility combo of any back in this draft class, possibly. However, two ACL tears in the past few years puts a cloud over his draft stock. If you look past the ACLs (which you can’t), he might be the most talented runner of this 2022 group.

NFL Comp? = Alvin Kamara-like, only a better interior runner – but unknown in the passing game, wasn’t involved in it as much (could be because teammate James Cook was so good at it).



RB Dameon Pierce, Florida (Post-SB scouting grade: B-/C+)

*Pre-Senior Bowl scouting grade: D

Estimate = 5’9”/215

SB Measurements: 5’9.0”/220, 9.4” hands, 30.7” arms

Post-SB Note: Potentially the biggest grade change (from the preview) I’ll have this year. He showed the agility I spoke of in the preview, but then ran with much more power, acceleration, urgency than I caught on the preview tape I watched. He really helped himself here this week. CLEARLY the best RB prospect (of a weak group).

Reminded me more of Joe Mixon or Elijah Mitchell type solid interior runners with the bulk/frame of a lead RB in the NFL. Looking forward to seeing more of him at the Combine and doing more detailed tape study.   


Pre-SB Note: Low to the ground, strong legged runner who has some jump-cut ability…but he’s too slow, that I see, to be a legit NFL RB of any impact. He’s not nothing for the NFL, but more of a practice squad, journeyman type back who could be OK in an emergency start/use.

NFL Comp? = LaMichal Perine or a bad (or a rookie) version of David Montgomery.



RB Tyler Allgeier, BYU (Pre-Combine scouting grade: B-/C+)

Measurable Estimate = 5’10”/218

Pre-Combine Notes = We liked him in the summer of 2021, and he took another step forward in 2021 season as I watched it on tape in Feb. 2022. He’s like an Elijah Mitchell clone, but potentially a faster version of Mitchell (the 215+ pound Mitchell, not that 200 pound Combine blazer). Good enough hands. Nice size. Nice acceleration and reading the holes. He’ll be a bargain pick in the draft for a team needing an RB.

NFL Comp? = A tick better, or equal to Elijah Mitchell.



RB Breece Hall, Iowa State (Pre-Combine scouting grade: C+/B-)

Measurable Estimate = 6’0”/220

Pre-Combine Notes = Solid enough north-south runner. One cut/plant foot and go is his game. Not great going east-west; tacklers catch up to him quickly when he goes sideways. Very solid pass catcher. Can be a good NFL RB in the right offense with blocking. Like when the Steelers asked Najee Harris to do too much and had no blocking…he was ineffective – keep Najee north-south and he’ll be nice. Ditto Breece Hall.

The NFL media and many scouts/coaches LOVE this guy because he’s a bruiser…so his image is way ahead of his reality, but the image will carry him early in his career.

NFL Comp? = Melvin Gordon, James Robinson



RB James Cook, Georgia (Post-SB scouting grade: C+)

*Pre-Senior Bowl scouting grade: D+

Estimate = 5’10”/190

SB Measurements: did not attend

Post-SB Note: Pulled out of attending, with no reason given (that I see), which was frustrating for the NFL people in Mobile because Cook is intriguing. He might have stolen the RB show in the passing game drills/really helped his draft stock, but he seems to be putting his chips on the Combine. He’s the most desired pass game back of 2022, at this point.   


Pre-SB Note: Is more of a receiving back who can take a few carries than he is a legit starting NFL RB. He might get to be a part of an NFL backfield as an NFL duo, but that’s about his ceiling. He’s not overly fast or has great vision…he’s just wiry good, fairly agile and is a solid player. I see him more as just a generically good receiving game back so far.

NFL Comp? = Like a less talented J.D. McKissic.



TE/RB Connor Heyward, Michigan State (Post-SB scouting grade: C+...as an RB)

*Pre-Senior Bowl scouting grade: none

Estimate = none

SB Measurements: 5’11.0”/239, 9.7” hands, 31.6” arms

Post-SB Note: I didn’t seriously consider Heyward as an RB prospect during the previews, or as a TE (which he played in 2021). He looked like a fullback and that was that, I didn’t want to waste time scouting a fullback. However, he’s really nimble for a 239-pound man…he’s more than a future FB…potentially.

As-is, he’s a half-fullback/half-running back potential. A big body, nimble, and has the ‘Heyward’ family bloodline. ‘Baby Ironhead’ was his nickname in Mobile. Right now, he’s a big dude with a familiar name and that gets people somewhat excited.

Where I see value ahead – if they have him hit the weight room and cut 5-10 pounds and convert to muscle (he looks like he thinks he doesn’t need weight training…which is concerning…very undefined/flimsy arms). He’s a C/D as-is…but he might be a ‘B’ with upside if he took his body seriously.


Pre-SB Note: none…considered him a fullback, so didn’t think he’d matter here.

NFL Comp? = Better, bigger James Conner as a runner/power back weapon. Could body-transform into more of a Rhamondre Stevenson or D’Onta Foreman versus being a sluggish Zack Moss or pigeonholed as a short yardage only guy.



RB Kenny Walker III, Michigan State (Pre-Combine scouting grade: C+)

Measurable Estimate = 5’10”/210

Pre-Combine Notes = Very solid RB prospect. Smart, instinctual runner with really good hands in the passing game. He’s not a top speedster or high-end agility guy…he’s just fast enough and shifty enough with an aggressive running style and a savvy run style.

NFL Comp? = Better hands version of Damien Harris



RB Tyler Badie (Bay-Dee), Missouri (Post-SB scouting grade: C-)

*Pre-Senior Bowl scouting grade: C+

Estimate = 5’8”/195

SB Measurements: 5’7.6”/199, 9.2” hands, 29.8” arms

Post-SB Note: Didn’t have any special moments this week, which is tough to do anyway here…until you get to the game – but Badie didn’t play in the game. He didn’t make a move higher here this week. Small body, shorter arm length takes him back a notch.    


Pre-SB Note: Five 200+ yard games in 12 games in 2021 season…huge production, but then got shut down when he went up against the better defenses on their schedule. Is small…but is NFL-fast and tough enough running the interior. He could be a ‘change of pace’ guy in the NFL…or he might draw Austin Ekeler comps. He’s a good all-around back, but smaller than the NFL likes -- we’ll have to see if the NFL sees him as a serious option or as just a scatback and return man hopeful.

NFL Comp? = Less muscular, not as fast (maybe) Austin Ekeler.



RB Brian Robinson, Alabama (Post-SB scouting grade: C-/D+)

*Pre-Senior Bowl scouting grade: C-/D+

Estimate = 6’1”/225

SB Measurements: 6’1.5”/226, 9.7” hands, 32.2” arms

Post-SB Note: He’s always impressive to look at – standing tall, bigger all the way around than all the other RBs…but then he never really does anything in-action. Didn’t do anything attention-getting in the practices and was bottled up/a non-factor in the game itself on his 6 carries. I just never see anything to get excited about with BRob. ‘Size’ keeps him on the radar…we await the Combine to see if he’s more of a ‘C’ or a ‘D’.    


Pre-SB Note: People will compare him to Derrick Henry and Najee Harris, but he is the lesser Alabama/NFL RB prospect than them. He’s an OK enough straight downhill runner but no real electricity…just size/mass moving forward. He’s what the NFL likes at a glance, but I don’t know that he’ll test well for NFL speed/agility to be taken as a serious answer for an NFL team’s backfield.

NFL Comp = He’s an as-athletic, but less physical, less instinctual Najee Harris. An old (not young) Latavius Murray.



RB Zaquandre White, South Carolina (Post-SB scouting grade: C-/D+)

*Pre-Senior Bowl scouting grade: C+

Estimate = 6’0”/215

SB Measurements: 5’11.4”/212, 9.2” hands, 30.7” arms

Post-SB Note: His style didn’t get a chance to shine in the dull (for RBs) practice formats, but the Senior Bowl itself is where he could’ve showed something…but he didn’t make it to the game (not sure where he went later in the week). So, we’re stuck with keeping our original scouting.

I did learn he was the top-rated RB in Florida coming out of high school…but he never lived up to that billing in college. He went right to LB for Florida as a freshman then later converted back to RB where he was up-and-down.


Pre-SB Note: A very raw, very promising wild stallion RB. A former LB converted to RB. Got more opportunity in 2021 but was a second fiddle to uber-talent RB Kevin Harris the past two seasons. When White got snaps/work he was impressive. Has decent speed (with too long of strides/striding but that’s fixable), but his real gift is his agile feet. He can shift directions and stop-start with the best of them. He’s still raw with instincts and has shaky hands in the passing game, somewhat…but it might be him still getting up-to-speed at playing RB.

There’s some interesting raw clay to work with, to develop into something here.

NFL Comp? = Less instinctual Kareem Hunt. What they thought David Montgomery was going to be in agility…a true elite agility guy.



RB Rachaad White, Arizona State (Post-SB scouting grade: C-/D+)

*Pre-Senior Bowl scouting grade: C

Estimate = 6’1”/210

SB Measurements: 6’0.4”/210, 9.5” hands, 31.0” arms

Post-SB Note: He got a lot of work/reps all week but didn’t do anything that raised his profile all that high. He’s capable-ish. Not a future star.    


Pre-SB Note: I watched some of his tape right after watching Alabama RB Brian Robinson’s tape, and it confirms my instincts on Robinson a bit more…that Robinson doesn’t have good instincts and vision for the RB position (but he does have ‘size’). Because watching White work was a delight by comparison…he ‘gets it’.

White has good instincts and good vision. He is agile, bouncy back with decent size, but he finds holes and catches passes (really sets up nice on screens). He’s just ‘good’ at what he does. He’s not going to Canton or anything in 20 years or so, but he’s good.

NFL Comp? = Lesser Elijah Mitchell-ish…low key ‘finds a way’ guys. Good at their jobs guys.



RB Ty Chandler, North Carolina (Post-East/West Shrine Bowl scouting grade: C-/D+)

Estimate = 5'11”/205

Former top 10 RB out of high school, wasted four years playing for Tennessee but transferred to North Carolina in 2021 where he finally broke out with 1092 yards and 13 TD's.

RC has covered him several times in the past and I got my first taste last summer...and I still really like him. Actually, I like him more than I did the first time around because now I've got to see him with a decent team and blocking.

Chandler is such a natural mover, so crisp and efficient, and his acceleration is top notch. He reminds me of Kamara in that way. Neither guy is the fastest player over 40 yards but they can go 0-100 with just a single cut. He's a much tougher runner than you'd expect from a guy his size and can definitely run inside but ideally you want him on the edge and out in space. His hands are top notch for a RB too, right up there with anyone.

I don't see him on anyone's top 10-15 RB list for the draft so he's likely headed for UDFA status and will have to work his way up, but he'd be one of my first calls if I needed RB help. Would not be surprised if has a minor breakout like D'Ernest Johnson a few years down the road.

NFL Comp? = Better Aaron Jones

*RC NOTE: I’ve long been a Ty Chandler fan (not over the moon, just noting I came across scouting him back years ago as a freshman and been keeping tabs on him over the years), but I personally grade a bit lower for the NFL or FF because he’s been in college for a hundred years, redshirt, COVID year, transfer…he’ll be 25 years old right after the NFL Draft. I like his gifts, could be a ‘B’ talent maybe...but as a prospect/big picture, taking age into it, etc…I’d slap a ‘C’ or so grade on, at best, personally. 



RB Jerome Ford, Cincinnati (Post-SB scouting grade: C-/D+)

*Pre-Senior Bowl scouting grade: C+

Preview Estimate = 5’10”/208

SB Measurements: 5’10.6”/209, 8.6” hands, 30.8” arms

Post-SB Note: He was fine during practice week…had a moment or two, caught a nice wheel route bomb early on and got people excited but was mostly solid/quiet.    


Pre-SB Note: Very nimble, shifty feet…effortlessly jump stepping and juking from a standstill. He has NFL speed, way above average NFL agility, and moderate NFL size. Former Alabama RB transferred to Cincy for an opportunity, and he got it – 20 TDs in 2021 season. He’s legit for the NFL…the measurables will tell us more how legit he is.

NFL Comp? = I think there’s a little Aaron Jones potential here.



RB D’Vonte Price, Fla. Int’l (Post-SB scouting grade: C-/D+)

*Pre-Senior Bowl scouting grade: C+

Estimate = 6’1”/210

SB Measurements: 6’1.1”/198, 9.3” hands, 31.8” arms

Post-SB Note: Wasn’t at the Senior Bowl for long. I think he left with an injury at some point. Don’t have any real notes on him. Didn’t help himself with this appearance, obviously.    


Pre-SB Note: Price went nuts in 2020…averaging 116.2 yards rushing per game with 6.8 yards per carry, but that was in the COVID shortened season of just five games for FIU.

He didn’t repeat that same success in 2021, but he was still good/formidable…just on a horrific team (1-11).

Great burst, he moves fast and efficient. Good vision through the holes. Pretty tough runner, but not a bruiser. Unknown hands…not thrown to very often and his team was terrible. There’s something here, and it may come out more in a better environment at the Senior Bowl…versus defenses stacking him all 2021.

NFL Comp? = A kinda Alvin Kamara-like worker.



RB Max Borghi, Washington State (Pre-Combine scouting grade: D+)

Measurable Estimate = 5’10”/205

Pre-Combine Notes = Good hands in the passing game, shifty in tight space RB prospect…but not a lot of 2nd-level speed. He kills you with effectiveness and hard-nosed play…not with athleticism and electricity. I don’t know that he has enough juice for the next level but has enough grit for it.

NFL Comp? = Rex Burkhead.



RB Greg Bell, San Diego State (Pre-Combine scouting grade: D+)

Measurable Estimate = 5’11”/200

Pre-Combine Notes = He can play. He’s got some juice…slippery/agile in short space. So-so long speed. Iffy hands in the passing game. Had an eye injury that cost him his 2019. He’s scrappy-tough and likely a late-round or undrafted guy who scraps his way to a roster in the next year or two.

He’ll be a 24-year-old entering the league – due to JUCO stint, going to Nebraska, the eye injury, then SDSU, and an extra year of play with the COVID rules. His age hurts any draft stock he has.

NFL Comp? = Better Dexter Williams



RB Tyler Goodson, Iowa (Pre-Combine scouting grade: D+)

Measurable Estimate = 5’9”/195

Pre-Combine Notes = Not enough juice/speed/agility or size to be a traditional RB, but he does have a real gift – he’s a very good receiver out of the backfield. Terrific hands. If I were him, I’d just convert to slot WR who can take jet sweeps.

NFL Comp? = Shorter Wayne Gallman



RB Kyren Williams, Notre Dame (Pre-Combine scouting grade: D+)

Measurable Estimate = 5’8”/188

Pre-Combine Notes = Hard for the smaller guys to really have an impact in the NFL…or be desired heavily for their particular draft. It’s not impossible, just a lot of speedbumps ahead. Williams is good…tough, shifty, aggressive. He may be better for CFB than the NFL. He may also be more like 5’7” than his claimed 5’9”.

He could work as a useful hand in the NFL, but I don’t see any impact or greatness potential yet. Let’s see what kinda speed he puts up at the Combine.

NFL Comp? = Jaret Patterson



RB Jaylen Warren, Oklahoma State (Pre-Combine scouting grade: D+)

Measurable Estimate = 5’8”/215

Pre-Combine Notes = Bowling ball body. Tough runner, hard to find in a scrum with his low to the ground style. He runs aggressive/tough and has some athleticism. He has NFL hope if he can run under a 4.6 40-time.

NFL Comp? = De’Angelo Henderson, slower Maurice Jones-Drew.



RB Trestan Ebner, Baylor (Post-East/West Shrine Bowl scouting grade: D+)

Estimate = 5'11”/210

5th year senior finally got a chance for some respectable carries but played second-fiddle to Abram Smith. It was a bit tough to tell the two apart at first because they are similarly sized and move a lot alike too. But after a bit I started to see the differences.

Smith is a little bigger, much tougher and stronger, and has better vision. Ebner might be a tick faster/quicker with better hands in the passing game. Of the two I'd rather have Smith and that's not saying much.

NFL Comp? = Way less agile Josh Adams



RB Isaih Pacheco, Rutgers (Post-East/West Shrine Bowl scouting grade: D+)

Estimate = 5'10” 205

3-year starter for Rutgers whose best season was 729 yards and 7 TD's as a sophomore. Doesn't sound impressive but his team is hot garbage. There is literally nowhere to run, a fate that held Ty Chandler back for 4 years as well.

Pacheco is no Chandler though. He's ok, a smaller but completely unafraid, tough runner. He has enough speed to play in the NFL but not enough to really matter. It's hard to tell how good he is on this garbage team, but I didn't see any sparks of hope in his tape. Tough guy, impressive how hard he works, but probably too limited to matter much in the NFL.

NFL Comp? = Poor man's Chase Edmonds



RB Jashaun Corbin, Florida St (Post-East/West Shrine Bowl scouting grade: D+)

Estimate = 5'11”/210

4 star high school RB signed with A&M in 2018. Injuries and lack of playing time led to his transferring to Florida St in 2020. In two years with FSU he totaled 1288 yards on the ground with 12 TD's. Injuries somewhat held him back as did splitting carries with another back in 2021.

Tweaner size but has excellent speed and acceleration. Tends to patiently wait for blocks then put his foot in the ground and go. Good cutting ability to start but once he's moving he really wants to be north and south. Not a power back by any stretch but can put his head down for a few extra yards. Didn't catch the ball much but his hands look adequate. Looks ready-made for the 49'ers or another zone run scheme team.

NFL Comp? = Tevin Coleman



RB Pierre Strong, South Dakota State (Pre-Combine scouting grade: D+)

Measurable Estimate = 5’11”/205

Pre-Combine Notes = Really good FCS RB…was terrific in 2021 (1,686 yards, 7.0 ypc, 18 TDs), but looks a little more like ‘great FCS back’ who would be an OK D1 one…and is a sketchy prospect for the NFL. He might have some upside to hang in the NFL, but let’s see what the Combine shows.

NFL Comp? = Justin Jackson



RB Snoop Conner, Mississippi (Pre-Combine scouting grade: D+)

Measurable Estimate = 5’10”/212

Pre-Combine Notes = Not a bad RB talent. He’d be OK if thrown into NFL play. He’s probably a 4.6 runner with decent agility. Not that big or powerful, or overly fast…but shifty and competent.

NFL Comp? = Kylin Hill



RB Ty Davis-Price, LSU (Pre-Combine scouting grade: D+/D)

Measurable Estimate = 6’0”/225

Pre-Combine Notes = Good size, but I’m suspicious that he might be way off on his size (6’1”/230 they claim). Still, he’s a 220+ pound back with a good frame and decent speed. He’s not a great athlete/runner, just ‘OK’. Has had a pretty flimsy career for his size and the O-line he ran behind.

NFL Comp? = Weaker Corey Clement



RB Jerrion Ealy, Mississippi (Pre-Combine scouting grade: D/D+)

Measurable Estimate = 5’8”/185

Pre-Combine Notes = Not a real RB. More a scatback, kick/punt returner type of player. Good long speed, but not good under normal RB circumstances. Just a good ‘out in space’ guy…good return man.

NFL Comp? = Nyheim Hines



RB Abram Smith, Baylor (Post-SB scouting grade: D)

*Pre-Senior Bowl scouting grade: C-

Estimate = 5’11”/218

SB Measurements: 5’11.3”/211, 7.6” hands, 29.8” arms

Post-SB Note: He had one of the better, more prominent workload weeks among the RBs…but the hand measurables are a near-death experience. He’s an OK enough talent, but he’s too big a risk with those hands at that position. The measurables really torpedoed him.    


Pre-SB Note: Was an RB his first two years at Baylor, switched to linebacker in 2020…and was pretty solid as an OLB. Moved back to RB for 2021 and led the Big 12 in rushing with 1,601 rushing yards and 12 TDs. He’s a decent RB prospect…physical, not too shifty, has OK speed. He’s got NFL ability but more in the B-C-D grade range spectrum, not an ‘A’ or an ‘F’. He’ll be the most physical runner at the Senior Bowl, among the RBs.

NFL Comp? Slower but tougher Tevin Coleman-ish.



RB Kennedy Brooks, Oklahoma (Pre-Combine scouting grade: D)

Measurable Estimate = 5’10”/212

Pre-Combine Notes = Decent instinct RB but not a high-end athlete/speedster or bully runner. He’s very competent for college with huge holes from his OU O-Line, but I don’t get a good feeling about the next level from him. Might run a 4.65+ at the Combine and really push his draft stock down.

NFL Comp? = Rodney Smith, last of the Panthers.



RB Leddie Brown, West Virginia (Pre-East/West Shrine Bowl scouting grade: D)

Estimate = 5'10”/215

Rushed for just over 1000 yards and 22 TD's the past two seasons. Five 100 yard games in 2021. Noticeable drop off in his stats playing against better competition. Iowa St was the only decent defense he ran for over 100 against. The other four teams all rank 91st or worse in all of Div I against the run.

Tweener size, not fast or particularly powerful and terrible side to side. He gets what is blocked and not much more. Decent hands in the passing game but doesn't have the athleticism to do anything with it in space.

NFL Comp? = Smaller Jay Ajayi



RB Keaontay Ingram, USC (Pre-Combine scouting grade: D)

Measurable Estimate = 5’11”/210

Pre-Combine Notes = I don’t see much of anything here. Boring runner with a (too) thin lower body.

NFL Comp? = Lesser, too small lower body Melvin Gordon.



RB Bam Knight, N.C. State (Pre-Combine scouting grade: D)

Measurable Estimate = 5’10”/205

Pre-Combine Notes = Has decent long speed for the NFL, but not a great ‘real’ RB…doesn’t read holes well. Gets too indecisive and dancing around too much. Had a top CFB O-Line and didn’t really take full advantage of it – because he’s not that great an NFL prospect. He might be a nice kick returner...he really flies at the 2nd-level, but he won’t hardly get there much against NFL talent.

NFL Comp? = Slow Matt Breida



RB Sincere McCormick, UTSA (Pre-Combine scouting grade: D)

Measurable Estimate = 5’8”/195

Pre-Combine Notes = Too small, but scrappy RB prospect. Could be a passing game back, return man, and change of pace ballcarrier – but he looks too small and not shifty or strong enough to be a steady NFL runner.

NFL Comp? = Dexter McCluster, J.J. Taylor?



RB CJ Verdell, Oregon (Pre-Combine scouting grade: D-)

Measurable Estimate = 5’8”/200

Pre-Combine Notes = I’ve never seen much NFL future in him. Small, mediocre NFL speed. Decent hands. Nothing special detected.

NFL Comp? = Trayveon Williams



RB Ronnie Rivers, Fresno State (Pre-Combine scouting grade: D-/F+)

Measurable Estimate = 5’8”/190

Pre-Combine Notes = I don’t see anything here. Random good Mountain West, small, speedy RB who doesn’t offer much to the NFL.

NFL Comp? = Lesser Darwin Thompson



RB Hassan Haskins, Michigan (Post-SB scouting grade: F)

*Pre-Senior Bowl scouting grade: F

Estimate = 6’0”/210

SB Measurements: Did not attend, high ankle sprain

Post-SB Note: Did not attend, high ankle sprain


Pre-SB Note: I have no idea how this guy ran for 1,327 yards and 20 TDs in 2021 season. Considering how much stat accumulation he has…he has to be one of the worst RB prospects I’ve ever seen go to the Senior Bowl. I’m not wasting any more time on this guy. He’ll have to prove me wrong in Mobile.

NFL Comp? = Slower Karan Higdon…former Michigan RB from a few years ago. Who? Exactly.