RC Intro: The follwing 'take'/research was news to me, when Andrew came to me with this thought/research/article...and I am so glad he did. When you consider what the Jets did here, it forces you to look at them in a different light.

That ‘different light’ for me? I’ll expand on that at the end of Andrew’s piece.


-- by AndrewDFS

Player-coach relationships are crucial for team chemistry in professional football. Taylor Lewan has never shied away from discussing his tumultuous relationship with his former offensive line coach, Keith Carter. Lewan, a three-time Pro Bowler and former cornerstone of the Titans’ offensive line, shared insights on his podcast, Bussin’ With the Boys, where he and his co-host Will Compton interviewed Randall Cobb, who played for the Jets last season (Carter’s current team).

I legitimately tried to fight him his first year at the Titans. Dennis Kelly held me back from trying to fight this man,“ Lewan stated.” “The number of Jets players that contacted me, not just from that position group but from others, asking if it was always like this, was staggering.“

Cobb shared a story of his own, recounting how Jets players openly cursed at Carter during practices. For more on Carter from current and former players, check out Jimmy Hascup’s article here.

A very quick watch: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/bH2xYwuzkWU

Another very quick watch for context: https://x.com/ffmetrics/status/1804568925067513903?s=46&t=0fkvuSxPrkF89V5HY7o2pQ


Carter served as the offensive line coach for the Titans from 2018 to 2022, during which time the unit’s performance declined. Pro Football Focus (“PFF”) ranked the Titans’ offensive line last in 2022, and Carter was subsequently fired. Injuries plagued the offensive line under Carter’s tenure, including Lewan, who played in fewer than 60% of the games during this stretch (51 out of 86). While injuries are expected as NFL players age, it’s fair to question how much of this was due to Carter’s demanding practice routines and overworking his players.

Robert Saleh hired Keith Carter to join his staff in 2023. Despite the Jets’ offensive line being ranked second worst in the league by PFF last season, Saleh made the questionable decision to retain Carter for 2024. The Jets made key additions this offseason by trading for OT Morgan Moses from Baltimore, signing former Cowboys OT Tyron Smith, and drafting OT Olu Fashanu in the first round of the 2024 draft. The performance of this unit will be crucial for the Jets in 2024. If they once again fail to protect Aaron Rodgers, who was injured three plays into the 2023 season, the Jets will likely hit the reset button on this iteration of the franchise. Saleh’s faith in Carter may ultimately be his downfall, along with the 2024 Jets.


RC Outro: If Carter is a terrible hire on the O-Line, if we take that as a fact (and we should) – then also consider that the Jets have the single worst offensive coordinator hired in the NFL (Nate Hackett) *even Arthur Smith isn’t Hackett-bad...maybe* …so then we are left to ruminate on the concept that the Jets have two key coaches (OL and O-C) that are going to hurt them/definitely not help them. And I watched the Hard Knocks with the Jets/Robert Saleh...and there’s nothing there but a guy playing rah-rah/tough guy head coach, so this is a looming disastrous Jets coaching staff (D-C Ulrich is good) across the board mostly...a staff that we are expecting to team up with some old/good OLs they got in free agency + a nice rookie OL + aging, distracting/distracted Aaron Rodgers to equal = the Jets win the AFC East?

I was betting the Jets to win the AFC East early this year...with a fading Bills team and an overrated Miami team and a dead Patriots team as their competition – but now I’m going to go away from that Jets vibe now and might take some stock in the Bills and maybe Miami to hedge my earlier Jets enthusiasm.

I want a team’s coaches to be neutral/stay out of the player’s way, worst case,, for a team I’m betting on. But the Jets? They may have the worst combination of top coaching staff in the NFL...how is that gonna be good for business in 2024? I know their defense is great, but...will their offense and overrated/blowhard head coach and bad supporting offensive staff ruin it all?

That’s why I wonder if there is still hope for Zach Wilson...that he, like Kenny Pickett, was just miscast/drafted into dreadful offensive coaching situations.

Another reason to be wary of just how good Breece Hall is gonna be in FF 2024, with his lofty projections universally...and Rodgers-Wilson-Corley-Williams as well?

If the Jets fail to make the playoffs, then expect a whole new everything from GM on down in 2025. Rodgers will be ditched. Breece Hall could be traded. A payroll purge and makeover will be underway, if it’s a clean sweep.