Will it be the recently hotter Chiefs over the recently struggling 49ers?

Will it be the superior regular season 49ers over the Chiefs?

Will it be ‘big game Pat Mahomes’ over ‘can’t-possibly-be, universally distrusted Brock Purdy?’

Will it be Kittle over Kelce?

Will it be Taylor Swift over whatever that name is of that lady that’s supposed to be famous, but for what...I have no idea, who is with CMC?

The possibilities are endless with this Super Bowl. And, as I said on the Bet The Close podcast – I really don’t care about this game, honestly. I don’t have much energy for this Super Bowl. It feels like a very stale game/matchup with two teams who kinda limped their way here. I can see either team winning. I can buy any angle for the outcome. If anyone defiantly believes they KNOW who’s gonna win this matchup and why – I don’t believe them, and Godspeed to them...they got a 50-50 shot at being right and no one is gonna remember or care in a week anyway.  

As a bettor, I don’t see any ‘obvious’ to bet here, so I am only watching for the spectacle of it. The best bets on this game are the ones we placed/advised several weeks ago – the great odds Super Bowl MVP basket of prop bets on Purdy-CMC-Deebo-Aiyuk-Kittle and Kelce. I will literally be watching this game for the ‘event’, for the commercials, to be miffed by and make fun of the halftime show...but really only watching rooting to hit one of the longer-shot MVP props of that group. If a starting tight end wins the MVP of this game...daddy is gonna be eatin’ good for the next week.

I placed some prop small bets on the side for fun in the game...the best ones (to me) being the tackle count ones on Karlaftis and McDuffie...so no real big money alt prop shots in this game. All my Super Bowl props are listed on the handicapping streaming notes form...and I also bet very light on KC moneyline to win straight up.

As for predicting the game itself – I don’t see a real angle here that is revolutionary. This game is so unnatural – from the two weeks stretch of non-game play ahead of it, to the pomp and circumstance of it all, to the extended halftime and commercial breaks...there is no real pattern from my season-long studies to play this event as a hidden gem.

Whatever theory you have or DFS lineup you wanna play – go for it. This looks like a game of the established stars for each team going at each other, and thus there likely won’t be some shocking low-level or oncoming rookie player who comes out of nowhere to change the game...unless an unpredictable injury hits.

Wouldn’t it be a hoot if, with all this build up, one of the QBs twists an ankle and leaves early while the other gets concussion symptoms and is ruled out early – and it becomes a Darnold v. Gabbert affair for 3+ quarters (both those guys drafted higher than the actual starting QBs)?

Whatever way you’re theorizing on and/or betting this game – I wish you good luck. I’ll be cheering for my long-shot MVP payout. And either way, I’ll be watching it all and taking notes for my report out on it all in my usual Super Bowl Extravaganza report that will post sometime late Monday east coast time.

Enjoy the game!