FFM Daily Summary...March 3, 2023/Friday

Items posted so far today...  

 -- 2023 Free Agent Preview: The Cornerbacks (CB)

 -- 2023 NFL Combine Notes from 3/2 (LB Notes…)

 -- 2023 NFL Combine Notes from 3/2 (EDGE Notes…)

 -- 2023 NFL Combine Notes from 3/2 (Defensive Tackle Notes…)

 * NFL Combine week this week and free agency commentary with projections/guesses on landing spots reports run all week.

 * Getting close to the Dynasty top 600 valuations/rankings debut...planned posting by this weekend, then updating following the Combine week and updating all preseason. 


*FFM App getting reworked and back up to speed slow but sure...update your App to see new look (still configuring all the connections to new site, so not complete yet -- but you can get to homepage from the App...and make sure your FFM App notifications are on to get notifications on reports posted, etc.) 

ANDROID APP NOTIFCATIONS BACK UP AND RUNNING...be sure to update the FFM App for the new-design (still being tweaked, but new look) and have notifications enabled, and then every time a report posts you'll get a notice or when we have breaking news ahead of the pack on FF related or betting related info)


Coming up today (planned, subject to change):

NFL Combine Notes from Thursdays events

Free Agency positional previews/projections series continues 



Items from yesterday:

-- 2023 Free Agent Preview: The Quarterbacks (QB)

-- 2023 NFL Combine Notes (from the 3/1 meetings and press conference day)

-- 2023 NFL Pre-Combine: RC's Current Top 10 Best Prospects For The NFL Draft…

-- 2023 NFL Pre-Combine Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft: 1st-round (and a VERY important FF strategy message)





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 -- NO Video Show this week. Working on our offseason schedule of videos to begin in March, post-Combine.

 -- Dynasty valuations/rankings report: top 600 offense, top 500 IDP (including top rookies being added in) -- being worked on all February. Planning a later Feb./early March 2023 debut/release of the first report. We will keep updating as we get closer and closer to the 'drop' date. Dynasty rankings update weekly throughout the spring and summer/the offseason-preseason.

 -- 2023 Free Agency analysis by position begins March 1st week