FFM Daily Summary...Jan. 22, 2023/Sunday

Items posted so far today...  

 -- 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report (v1.0): QB Will Levis, Kentucky

 -- 2023 Senior Bowl Scouting Preview: The Tight Ends (TE)

*Divisional round playoff game recaps/analysis will post all next week

*Video Show: Preview/Handicapping for the NFL Conference games will likely be set for Friday 1/27 at 10pmET


Items from yesterday:

 -- 2023 Senior Bowl Scouting Preview: The Running Backs (RB)

 -- 2022-23 Divisional Round Playoff NFL Handicapping: All Picks ATS and Survivor Pool Pick

 -- A Fantasy and Handicapping look at the 2022-23 Divisional Round Playoffs

 -- Playoff Weekend Twitch Stream/Podcast on demand link



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 -- Welcome to the new site!! Your old site sign-in is no good here...you start afresh with whatever credentials you desire and can change them after as often as you'd like. Much better account management tools on our new site upgrade. 

 -- Betting the divisional round of the playoffs? We will have a handicapping show (like last week) this week (time to be announced). My picks ATS report and overall game-by-game report will be out Friday night or Saturday morning ahead of the playoff weekend. Subscribers can follow my live betting notes all week. 

 -- Playoff projections for FF/for the Conference Round/Final 4 week will first post Wednesday and update on THU and FRI.

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