Our DRD Rankings are based on several factors: Our talented grades from scouting and our computer scouting analytics (on performance and measurables), the current market value of the player in the DRD market factors in some, the situation the player landed in, the strength or weakness of this year's position group...among others factors all weighted and evaluated. 

There is a 'Cheat Sheet' version that pops up first, but there are three other report along the bottom of the sheet. 

1) Cheat Sheet

2) By the rankings but with the player commentary (and special messages)

3) FAQs

4) Devy 2024 -- that won't begin until July 2023. 

You can download this sheet and any tab, or download to Excel or PDF, etc., and make it your own for your research.

Versions so far:

4/30/23 (v1.0) = the top 30, with five commentaries PLUS one special message (on the commentary tab/section). Tomorrow more names added and more commentaries added...adding to this all week, post-Draft, building it up to 300+ prospects valued/ranked.

5/1/23 (v1.1) = expanded to the top 75 with 10+ more commentaries added. 

5/2/23 (v1.2) = expanded to the top 100 with more commentaries added. Will go to the top 150 tomorrow. Top 200 Thursday. Top 250+ by Friday, is the plan. 

5/3/23 (v1.3) = Expanded to the top 150 with more commentaries added. Heading to the top 200 tomorrow.

5/4/23 (v1.4) = Expanded to the top 200 with a few more commentaries added. Heading to the top 250 tomorrow. 

5/5/23 (v1.5) = Expanded to the top 250 with a few more commentaries added. Heading to the top 300 next week

5/7/23 (v1.6) = Expanded to the top 300 with a few more commentaries added and ADPs updated.

Link to the DRD Rankings: 2023 Dynasty Rookie Draft Rankings + Devy 2024