2022 Mock Redrafts -- Three at One Time (from the #1, #7, #12 slots)


Trying something a little different to show some comparisons and similarities in the different draft slots. I am going to do three mocks at a time, using the FantasyPros A.I. with the latest universal, big platform ADPs. I’m going to show round-by-round the three drafts unfolding and making some brief comments -- to see how it turns out by comparison.

Using 4pts per pass TD, half-PPR, normal lineup with a flex.

15 rounds with no kicker or DST, just to home in on the players.

Going from the #1, #7, and #12 slots in a 12-team model.



1.01 = Derrick Henry…going to take the best RB on my board to get things started.

1.07 = Ja’Marr Chase…considered taking Najee Harris as a name to go work in a pre-season start deal but I took a possible ‘best in class’ option here instead of getting too cute.

1.12 = Davante Adams…best rated player left on the board. Chase and Mixon went right before.




2.12 = Tyreek Hill…Got an RB first, so I feel free to take the best WR on my board. Hill or Evans, I’m a Hill fan.

2.06 = Saquon Barkley…got the WR first so landing a lead RB next.

2.01 = Saquon Barkley…got the WR first, back-to-back picks…I’ll take the unquestioned lead RB and pray he doesn’t get hurt again.



#1: Henry-Tyreek

#7: Chase-Barkley

#12: Davante-Barkley

So, which start do you like better…just judging a ‘two round draft’? The answer somewhat directs which pick positions are better this season -- which I believe/lean are the top/early picks. Usually, the later picks, the later the better, are the ways I want to go -- but this year is shaping up to be the earlier the better…and the reason why is more the 3rd-round. I think the 3rd-round of the 2022 redraft is everything…dictates a lot of the way your draft might go; how comfortable you are with it. I want an early 1st and 3rd-round pick…then everything else is up for grabs as I go.




3.01 = James Conner…coulda gone Mike Evans or Pitts or other, but I got more WRs to come, and Henry-Conner is a heckuva 1-2 punch at RB.

3.07 = Kyle Pitts…Conner gone, taking Pitts because ‘I believe’ but also to make sure to show a comparison of different paths here.

3.12 = Breece Hall…Pitts was available, so I took a different route for comparison’s sake. Coulda took Pittman, but so many WRs available ahead I like as much. No need to force a WR here.  



#1: Henry-Tyreek-Conner

#7: Chase-Barkley-Pitts

#12: Davante-Barkley-Breece

Now, which roster/draft do you like judging by the first 3 picks? #1 is rock solid. #7 is banking on Barkley to stay healthy and Pitts to come through. #12 feels like I’m reaching, and I am because from pick like #35 on I am usually not able to get Conner or Pitts and then the 3rd and 4th-rounds are like a no-man’s-land.




4.12 = Breece Hall…this gives me three RBs already, and note I skipped Marquise-MkWilliams, etc., to take an attractive name to trade post-draft/pre-season. Again, I got plenty of WRs coming up to land.

4.06 = Justin Herbert…a lot of different ways to go here given I took RB-WR-TE to start. Plenty of options ahead, so to be different I’ll take an ace QB here and see how it feels.

4.01 = Marquise Brown…it’s a while before my next pick and I have WR-RB-RB already, so I took the WR that has the most quick-start upside. Coulda gone Pittman or Cooks or several other WRs just fine here. The RBs have kinda dried up.



#1: Henry-Tyreek-Conner-Breece

#7: Chase-Barkley-Pitts-Herbert

#12: Davante-Barkley-Breece-Marquise

Now, which path/start do you like? I got a powerful block of RBs in path #1…with plenty of WRs to come, so this is setting up as the potential homerun. Path #7 is balanced, has potential depending on how I do from there. Path #12 slot, I’m scared…the worst of the three starts for sure, in this particular case.




5.01 = Rashaad Penny…I have three RBs already but add a fourth...in five rounds. I’m not playing around and missing Penny with so much time between my next pick here. I’ll go with WRs next. I’m RB strong for use and/or trade. I’m not trying to fill out a bingo card/fill all the positions in order…I’m trying to accumulate valuable assets. I don’t care that I have four RBs and a WR right now.

5.07 = Allen Robinson…I’ll be able to get Penny next round in 11 spots, or I should.

5.12 = Jalen Hurts…back-to-back picks coming, 4pts pass TD league, I’ll take the runner QB that has better WRs this year.



#1: Henry-Tyreek-Conner-Breece-Penny

#7: Chase-Barkley-Pitts-Herbert-ARob

#12: Davante-Barkley-Breece-Marquise-Hurts

You like that #1 roster…don’t you? 4 RBs and one WR but looks salty. You hate #12, don’t you? Comparatively, I do too. Another reason why I like picking higher this year than later.




6.12 = Allen Lazard…there was a run on WRs, and I’m not leaving this draft without Lazard.

6.06 = Rashaad Penny…might could get next pick, but I am not risking it.

6.01 = Rashaad Penny…had to take now or miss.

*All three drafts landed Rashaad Penny.



#1: Henry-Tyreek-Conner-Breece-Penny-Lazard

#7: Chase-Barkley-Pitts-Herbert-ARob-Penny

#12: Davante-Barkley-Breece-Marquise-Hurts-Penny

I continue to love path #1…am cool with the possibilities of slot #7…and I am thus hating slot #12, by comparison.



7.01 = Matt Stafford…going to chase the young WRs next, Toney and/or Claypool…or add Knox at TE.

7.07 = A.J. Dillon…taking the best RB here, Dillon or Patterson…I’ll roll dice on AJD but am fine with CPatt, but CPatt may fall to the next round.

7.12 = Allen Lazard…I have back-to-back picks, going to take a QB and need to take Lazard now or miss out.



#1: Henry-Tyreek-Conner-Breece-Penny-Lazard-Stafford

#7: Chase-Barkley-Pitts-Herbert-ARob-Penny-Dillon

#12: Davante-Barkley-Breece-Marquise-Hurts-Penny-Lazard

I have a goal of adding Penny and Lazard in every redraft…only team’s #1 slot and #12 slot pulled it off.

Slot #1 keeps rolling. Slot #12 getting back in the game. Slot #7 is doing some reaching on players it feels like.




8.12 = Kadarius Toney…Toney or Lance or Claypool. I went Toney.

8.06 = Cordarrelle Patterson…taking the flexibility, potentially, of an RB/WR.

8.01 = Tom Brady…I don’t fully trust Hurts (so reliant on the run game), in the dark recesses of my mind, and Brady (and Stafford) are values here. Stafford has the same bye as Hurts, so I go Brady for a change. Lance is already gone.



#1: Henry-Tyreek-Conner-Breece-Penny-Lazard-Stafford-Toney (need a TE, 2nd QB)

#7: Chase-Barkley-Pitts-Herbert-ARob-Penny-Dillon-CPatt (2nd QB, WR needs)

#12: Davante-Barkley-Breece-Marquise-Hurts-Penny-Lazard-Brady (TE need)

Slot #1 team keeps picking off everything I want. Slot #7 is getting interesting for sure. Slot #12 feels like I’m drunkenly weaving all over the road, not in control of the redraft…it’s controlling me too much.




9.01 = Dawson Knox…so many neat options left (Lance, Claypool) but if I miss Knox, I’m in a bit of trouble.

9.07 = Kadarius Toney…Stafford fell, but I’m going to bolster my WR group that needs it and I’ve got Herbert already.

9.12 = Dawson Knox…have to take him now.



#1: Henry-Tyreek-Conner-Breece-Penny-Lazard-Stafford-Toney-Knox

#7: Chase-Barkley-Pitts-Herbert-ARob-Penny-Dillon-CPatt-Toney

#12: Davante-Barkley-Breece-Marquise-Hurts-Penny-Lazard-Brady-Knox

Slot #1 keeps getting what it wants and then some each round. Slot #7 continues to get interesting. Slot #12 stills feels like the laggard of the three.




10.12 = Trey Lance…I got the basis of a team I want, now I’m looking for the best available power players. I want two top QBs to work as one, and have matchup flexibility and insurance, and potential trade chips.

10.06 = Matt Stafford…fell this far, I’ll take it and pray Knox as a value is available next. If not, I’ll fade to Engram, etc., as 2nd TE.

10.01 = Marques Valdez-Scantling…long time until my next pick and I’ll chase him up here. Coulda/almost went Chase Edmonds.

*I want three value players in every draft…Penny-Lazard-MVS.


Let’s look at the rosters in a different setup after 10 rounds…

Team #1 spot

QB: Stafford, Lance

RB: Henry, Conner, Breece, Penny

WR: Tyreek, Lazard, Toney

TE: Knox


Team #7 spot

QB: Herbert, Stafford

RB: Barkley, Penny, Dillon, CPatt

WR: Ja’Marr, ARob, Toney

TE: Pitts


Team #12 spot

QB: Hurts, Brady

RB: Barkley, Breece, Penny

WR: Davante, Marquise, Lazard

TE: Knox


I like slot #1’s power at RB with the QBs that I like (for the value) and WRs that I personally love and my acceptable non-Pitts TE.

Team #7 is very interesting because it doesn’t have the raw RB power, which is fine/a path to go, but does have Herbert and Pitts…and very plausible RBs who might really pop this year…if they stay healthy, but you say that about every backfield.

Team slot #12, well…it pales in comparison. Doesn’t it? I can work with it, but compared to #1 and #7…I don’t like it.





10 rounds booked, now I’m going to switch gears and just finish out each and add some commentary.



Finishing the #1 spot team…

QB: Stafford, Lance

RB: Henry, Conner, Breece, Penny

WR: Tyreek, Lazard, Toney

TE: Knox

I want to add WR depth and second TE with my final five picks, again no PK or DST on this one because we all know the drill. I usually take my kicker a little ahead of the group, because what I want after that is always available, and why not get a first-class kicker when you can? And then DST typically taken last in a 16-17 round draft (CAR or GB).


11.01 = Marquez Valdes-Scantling…my favorite 10th+ round WR grab. Love it.

12.12 = Isaiah McKenzie…I have such a loaded RB group, I’ll skip Tyler Allgeier and go with a hot start, FF potential WR.

13.01 = Tyler Allgeier…OK, if they’re gonna let me have him. Allgeier could be hot off the jump…and normally drafts are 16-17-18+ rounds, so I could do Engram or Hurst after this in reality/deeper draft.

14.12 = Evan Engram…depth at TE, hopefully.

15.01 = Haason Haskins just as a ‘Henry gets hurt Week 1’ disaster scenario. I’ll like drop Haskins for whatever Weeks 2-3-4.



QB: Stafford, Lance

RB: Henry, Conner, Breece, Penny, Allgeier, Haskins

WR: Tyreek, Lazard, Toney, MVS, McKenzie

TE: Knox, Engram

I want four value guys from every draft, right now: Penny-Lazard-MVS-McKenzie…and I’d really like to have Knox at TE where I don’t go Pitts early, and Lance as my 4pts per pass TD QB2. I went 6-for-6 on that here.


The grade? Exactly what I feel best about for a mainstream draft grade from THEM = D+

Here’s the full results and grade if you care:



I really like this redraft result -- got the two QBs that I like to run with. I have absolute power (on paper) at RB. I got Tyreek + the young, undervalued WRs that I covet. I like most everything about this draft.




Finishing the #7 spot team…

QB: Herbert, Stafford

RB: Barkley, Penny, Dillon, CPatt

WR: Ja’Marr, ARob, Toney

TE: Pitts

This is an interesting collection, I keep saying ‘interesting’ because it’s a boom-bust team, of sorts. To Pitts or not to Pitts in the 3rd is the question of the year, in redrafts, I believe. If he pays off big…it’s a genius move. His floor shouldn’t be too bad either.

From here: I should prioritize Allgeier having CPatt -- but I got beat too Allgeier. I like this WR group, and I’ll add some nice, undervalued ones to it…but I got beat to MVS, so I’m pissed off about that too. I’ll add a second TE for depth, etc., as well.

As I look at out on the draft platform for players to queue up as targets ahead -- a very thin group in my heart/mind. When I went to do a recheck of all the available players of interest left in the #1 slot final kick from the 11th-round on…there were much more of the guys I liked still available.


11.01 = Dawson Knox…I’ll add a top TE to use, but more to potentially trade.

12.12 = Jameson Williams…total flier that he might be ready faster, but I’m reaching for hope/lightning in a bottle here.

13.01 = Kenyan Drake…hoping he gets on a heavy pass game vibe and has value to use/trade out of the gates.

14.12 = Isaiah McKenzie…just making sure I get him.

15.01 = Evan Engram…looking for things left that could hit fast and be usable/tradable…or cuttable.



QB: Herbert, Stafford

RB: Barkley, Penny, Dillon, CPatt, Drake

WR: Ja’Marr, ARob, Toney, Jam. Williams, McKenzie

TE: Pitts, Knox, Engram


I mostly hated the way this finished out from 11th+ on, but FantasyPros liked everything overall…which is further confirmation of my dislike. FPros gave it a ‘C’…yuck.

If you care to see the details:



I can work with this base going to start the season, but I believe it’s not as explosive or powerful as my #1 slot draft.




Finishing the #12 spot team…

QB: Hurts, Brady

RB: Barkley, Breece, Penny

WR: Davante, Marquise, Lazard, MVS

TE: Knox

I love this WR group. I can live with the RBs but need to add more. I am OK/happy with the QBs…but coulda just waited for later to take Stafford-Brady with Lance instead of paying up for Hurts-Brady. I want a second TE.


11.01 = Tyler Allgeier…I need RB help, so I made the call here.

12.12 = Rachaad White…staying with the RB-need theme.

13.01 = Isaiah McKenzie…my favorite super-late WR.

14.12 = Evan Engram…2nd TE.

15.01 = Bryan Edwards…let’s see what it looks like and can drop from there if it’s a dud again.


I feel OK with this team. Not in love with the RB depth like my #1 or #7 slot draft, but it’s fine…RBs will pop up all year. I LOVE the WR group. Love it. FantasyPros gives it a ‘D’, which is great for me. Maybe it’s better than I think.

The redraft details, if you care:




QB: Hurts, Brady

RB: Barkley, Breece, Penny, Allgeier, White

WR: Davante, Marquise, Lazard, MVS, McKenzie, Edwards

TE: Knox, Engram