2022 FAUX 1.0 (Computer Simulated Season) by Ross Jacobs *NFC Wildcard Playoffs



(Same intro everyday) Four analysts are running their own early models of the 2022 NFL season, as we know it today – looking at the current teams/rosters/starters/depth mixed with the schedule layout.

We will release the simulation results and short commentaries three weeks at a time (Weeks 1-3, 4-6, etc.) by each analyst daily -- and then each analyst will simulate their playoffs all the way up to crowning their early Super Bowl champ. This is pre-work looking for/searching and sharing possible great Over/Under win total bets ahead of the crowd.

The analysts have not seen each other’s simulations…they’ll be seeing them for the first time as the report’s release daily for the next 12 days.


Your 2022 Faux 1.0 Analyst Lineup:

Ross Jacobs, FFM analyst (every 8am ET for the entire series)

Xavier Cromartie, long-time contributor/NFL Draft guru (every noonET)

Chris Bilello, Bet the Close Podcast (every 4pmET)

RC Fischer, FFM analyst (every 8pmET)


Hope you enjoy this two-week daily series…it’s all the analyst’s favorite project – one that totally consumes them and drives them mad working on it all, trying to predict the unpredictable…then a major injury will hit in July and/or August and blow all the theories and models all up. But for now, here’s what the analysts are seeing…


#7 Arizona Cardinals (9-8) at #2 Green Bay Packers (12-5)

The Cardinals snuck into the playoffs, but they are no match for the Packers in Green Bay. The Packers move on winning 62% of the simulations.


#6 New Orleans Saints (9-8) at #3 Los Angeles Rams (12-5)

New Orleans has a very good defense, but Jameis Winston can't keep it together against Aaron Donald and the Rams defense. The defending champs move on by winning a massive 71% of the simulations.


#5 San Francisco 49'ers (10-6) at #4 Philadelphia Eagles (9-8)

The 49'ers may be the lower seed but nobody is fooled into thinking they are the underdogs. They lay the smack down on the poor Eagles and move on by winning 62% of the simulations.


#1 Tampa Bay (bye)