We're looking at free agency ahead of the official FA start period (March 13th, kinda officially…but things are happening all week+ prior), going position by position to discuss some of the big names, tour top ranked guys, as well as the sleepers and frauds of the group…and we'll make some throwaway/dart throw predictions on landing spots.


Today's position group: Cornerbacks...



The consensus top three CBs available… 

1) Jaylon Johnson, CHI (signed a new deal with CHI)

2) L’Jarius Sneed, KC

3) Kendall Fuller, WSH


The top 2 guys, Jaylon and L’Jarius are lightyears ahead of the rest of the class. There are several ‘interesting’ or ‘gamble’ CB free agents to look at...but Johnson and Sneed are way out in front.



FFM's top three CBs available (if I were an NFL GM)…   

1) Jaylon Johnson, CHI

I think Sneed might be a touch better, but let’s just say they’re both top NFL corners...but Jaylon is 2+ years younger, so he gets the nod at the top.

PREDICTION: I would’ve said ‘there’s no way the Bears let him getaway’, which was true...they signed him to a pretty favorable (for the team) deal. He’s off the market.  


2) L’Jarius Sneed, KC

In a like manner, KC isn’t letting Sneed go...I don’t think. Remember last offseason...they gave Chris Jones the latitude to explore trades/deals...and then what happened? He delayed and searched...and eventually re-signed with KC. That’s just the way the Chiefs approach things...from a position of power, not weakness. They didn’t get a low score in the league on the player surveys for nothing...and they are the Super Bowl champs. So, let them do what they do.

PREDICTION: Sneed returns to KC with a new deal...and it didn’t help Sneed that Johnson took a bad/lesser deal than he should’ve.  


3) Ahkello Witherspoon, LAR

There were times, last season, where Witherspoon was playing like a top shutdown corner. Do you know what his Comp. Pct. allowed was in 2023? 48.1%...that’s high-end. He’s held opposing WRs to under 60% Comp. Pct. against him in five of his 6 years in the NFL. Not many have that kind of track record...and, yet...Witherspoon made the league minimum last season, so he probably won’t get a whole lot more this year.

PREDICTION: Either the Rams find a way to re-sign him...or the Falcons will. In the end, he might follow Raheem Morris to ATL.



The fraud CB of free agency 2024: J.C. Jackson, NE

Got that big contract a couple years ago and totally crapped out on it. He’s gonna be the poster child for NOT paying corners big-time money in free agency...probably unfairly so.

Some team will take a chance on him, but it’s gonna be on a minimum deal...and likely be an ex-Patriots linked GM or HC that gives him a shot.

PREDICTION: Watch for Minnesota/Brian Flores (ex-Pats D-C) to see if he can get through to him...or if there is anything left to even work with.



The best value CB in free agency 2024: Chidobe Awuzie, CIN

Was really good in the Bengals 2021 run to the Super Bowl. Was on his way to another good season in 2022, but he tore his ACL...and he didn’t look the same in 2023...the worst numbers of his career. He might just need a year removed from his ACL to get back to form...or maybe he’s shot?

PREDICTION: Could go back to his original team – Dallas. Could re-sign with a comfort zone in Cincy, but it looks like the Bengals have been adding CB talent prepping for this day of moving on.



The deep sleeper CB in free agency 2024: Keisean Nixon, GB

His coverage numbers aren’t great, but visually I see him playing decently as a DB (to my eye)...I see him as a corner or as a safety convert. He’s a football player that can help as DB depth and he’s a top kick returner, worst case.

PREDICTION: Green Bay should pay decent to get him back, but if they don’t...I could see Detroit making a play here...since the DET staff has seen him for three seasons playing against GB. Some of Nixon’s best games were against Minnesota, so they may make the play.  



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