Each year, I go division by division and nominate who I believe is each team’s candidate for the major NFL awards and then we discuss/declare who the division’s major award winner is for the season…and that player goes onto the divisional Final Four with a chance to go to the Super Bowl/Finals for a chance to be declared my seasonal award winner.

We go division-by-division each day, then to the Final Four for each conference, then the finals to name our winner the day the NFL announces their winners. *And my choices are usually different up and down the line in each category, so enjoy a different take on the NFL awards.


*MVP (any position, but usually offense)

**Coach of the Year (any coach on the staff, not just the head coach)




AFC Finals: 2023 Season Awards Tournament: MVP


AFC East Winner = QB Josh Allen, Buffalo

AFC West Winner = QB Patrick Mahomes, KC

AFC North Winner = QB Lamar Jackson, BAL

AFC South Winner = QB C.J. Stroud, HOU


Well, we have the battle of all QBs in the AFC...but which one of all these great options is ‘the best’? I’m going to strike Patrick Mahomes from the running first...and I can’t believe it has come to this, but he had a very down, weak 2nd-half of the season.

Lamar goes next. He was fine, accounting for 29 total TDs and nearly 4,500 total yards (pass + rush) but many QBs accounted for 29 total TDs, and several QBs had more than that.

One of the QBs who beat Lamar in total TDs also beat everybody in total TDs here...Josh Allen with 42 TDs and 4,400+ total yards. C.J. Stroud was terrific, but his numbers can’t compete with Allen’s...and Allen had more wins and more games played, etc. Easy choice here...


AFC Finals Winner = QB Josh Allen, BUF




AFC Finals: 2023 Season Awards Tournament: Rookie of the Year


AFC East Winner = RB De’Von Achane, MIA

AFC West Winner = QB Aidan O’Connell, LV

AFC North Winner = CB Joey Porter, PIT

AFC South Winner = QB C.J. Stroud, HOU


We all know C.J. Stroud’s winning this, so that’s easy.

Just for fun, who would be the runner up? That would be Joey Porter, who jumped into a starting role a few weeks in and was a shutdown corner. Very impressive.

Achane would be 3rd, because he was forcing defenses to game plan against him. AOC was a tough luck 4th...he did a fine job, for a rookie, in 2023.


AFC Finals Winner = QB C.J. Stroud, HOU




AFC Finals: 2023 Season Awards Tournament: Defensive Player of the Year


AFC East Winner = CB Jalen Ramsey, MIA

AFC West Winner = CB L’Jarius Sneed, KC

AFC North Winner = OLB T.J. Watt, PITT

AFC South Winner = LB Foyesade Oluokun, JAX


Oluokun had another nice season, but he’s not as critical as the other three guys...by position played, so he’s out.

In the CB battle, Ramsey vs. Sneed...both were top notch, but Ramsey missed about half the season...so, we give the nod to Sneed over Ramsey.

Sneed v. T.J. Watt...both are so critical to their teams, but when I’m faced with a choice between a great EDGE and a great CB, I take the CB every time.


AFC Finals Winner = CB L’Jarius Sneed, KC




AFC Finals: 2023 Season Awards Tournament: Coach of the Year


AFC East Winner = O-C Joe Brady, BUF

AFC West Winner = iHC Antonio Pierce, LV

AFC North Winner = HC John Harbaugh, BAL

AFC South Winner = HC Shane Steichen, IND


The three HC options are so strong, that half-season O-C Joe Brady has to be ditched from the running.

Each of these HC’s did a very admirable job. John Harbaugh got a #1 seed in the AFC despite losing Mark Andrews and Marlon Humphrey for big stretches of time. How can I deny him?

Antonio Pierce did a great job getting Vegas back in the race, and Shane Steichen got Indy to a winning record after losing Anthony Richardson and losing several defenders in-season. They both deserve strong consideration. But Harbaugh reached the highest in-season heights while both Pierce and Steichen fell short of getting into the playoffs at the finish line. I narrowly give it to Harbaugh.


AFC Finals Winner = HC John Harbaugh, BAL


The winners in each category move on to the ‘Super Bowl’ finals to determine the FFM named winners for 2023 season.