2022 Wonderlic Scores for QB Prospects...and comments (prospect grade affecting scores)

Reportedly, Wonderlic scores...

35 = Zappe

34 = Howell

32 = Willis

22 = Strong

19 = Ridder

17 = Pickett

15 = Corral

We will have an updated QB grade/board (2.0) by Tuesday, and when it's updated -- Kenny Pickett will no longer be our #1 rated QB. He was the best of a so-so group prior, but that Wonderlic score of his is CFM prospect death...a bridge too far on top of 'small hands'. He's a pretty decent, natural passer with good size and athleticism – but there's so many ingredients that go into making the 'smoothie' that is a high-end NFL QB. This Wonderlic score is a turd thrown into the blender.

There will not be any QB prospect that will rate with a grade 8+ for us for the first time ever in my decade+ of grading. Only Pickett was an 8+ in January and was hanging on to an 8+ after the Combine, but he will fall below with the news of this piss-poor Wonderlic. Now it makes sense why he's butchered the whole pre-Draft process...not taking control of any narratives, just letting the media steamroll him. He’s just not that swift/quick thinking. 

It also means Pickett will very likely not be the #1 overall pick in the draft, as I had thought the QB economy could lift him to. He not may not be the first QB taken either. I thought Pickett was a lock to be the top QB taken (for lack of any other pro style/obvious choices)...now, I think he's 50/50…possibly less. This Wonderlic score is a timebomb. For those of us that bet him as #1 overall and/or top QB taken – it’s time to take defensive measures, or just brace yourselves to eat the tickets. We took a shot…we missed. Carolina might try to bail us out, but I doubt it even more now.

Had Pickett put up an average/OK Wonderlic...we wouldn't be having this conversation. But we have to deal with the reality. Wonderlic doesn't matter to the football media, because they think they haven’t a clue and they think they are geniuses by echoing the 'testing doesn't really matter' narrative, to sound high-brow/to reflect their social concerns (not being able to be called racist or sexist or any 'ist') -- but it matters to the NFL (there's a reason they keep using it despite supposedly not using it anymore).

It's not a race or sex thing...the Wonderlic is an attempted measurement of correct thinking under time pressure. It's not definitive, but it is a tool….a clue in the big picture of trying to solve ‘the case’. Malik Willis scored 2x better than Pickett...that matters. Their race has nothing to do with it. 

I can't criticize the football media too much...they've been saying all the QBs are weak all along. I've been defending Pickett as a solid choice, who should go #1 due to the QB economy -- but now I'm the idiot.

This hurts Ridder and Corral too, but I already suspected/baked in there was an issue here. Pickett's low score...I did not see coming.

Our updated QB grades will be out ASAP.