Whenever I come across any football news reports/articles in my research or sent to me by FFMers that I think are interesting or back up/contradict/debate things I've discussed, I'd like to share them for extra/interesting reading material...and have them put into the archives so if you you are researching things about a player or situation, you can search it on the FFM site and it's part of the arsenal for your research.  

It will be mostly reports on players/situations not as discussed nationally (but could be from national/big media sites), but are (hopefully) relevant to Dynasty/Fantasy/Handicapping purposes as we go...with the occasional item that I just thought was interesting in general about anything football related. 

I may post 1-2-3 of them a day, or go a day or two without anything...all depends on what I come across for the day/week. 

Here's what I have for this day (noting the players/situation discussed for future archive search purposes with a link to the article):

FFM News: Public Football News/Reports of Interest (5/23/23)

 -- Emanuel Wilson (cut by DEN, signed elsewhere...a decent sign/hope): https://www.si.com/nfl/packers/transactions/packers-sign-all-american-running-back-release-kicker

 -- DeAndre Hopkins (on the June 1st issue): https://www.si.com/nfl/cardinals/analysis/nfl-insider-reveals-why-arizona-cardinals-havent-traded-deandre-hopkins