The Huddle Report has run Mock NFL Draft contests for a long-time now...they are the website of record where all the heavy hitters in NFL Draft analysis go to compete. Peter Schrager, Todd McShay, Dane Brugler, Daniel Jeremiah, Mel Kiper among others...

There are two contests for the experts to compete in:

(1) Predicting the 1st-round...the players taken, the team they get drafted by, and at what number (or close to it).

(2) Projecting the first/top 100 players to be taken.

And this year, we had a top 5 finisher in both contests in 2024.


Top 100 Board

Xavier Cromartie finished tied for 4th (out of 74 entrants/experts), one pick off of finishing tied for #1.

Xavier has won this contest twice in the past 8 years.

Xavier also is tied for 1st overall in the five-year average scoring in this contest...just ahead of Todd McShay (#3) and Lance Zierlein (#12), Mel Kiper (#17), and Daniel Jeremiah (#18) among others.

Xavier is the king of the top 100 board for this past decade AND has hit the highest one-year score of all time – 91 hits/100 in 2017 (tied the record).

Congratulations to Xavier Cromartie for his excellent 2024 showing, and for his long-time dominance in this space.


1st-Round Mock

Ross Jacobs was invited into the Huddle contest in 2022 and he had his best showing to date in the 1st-Round Mock contest in 2024, finishing 6th(t)...out of 171 entrants/experts...1 point behind 5th place, and 3 points behind Peter Schrager for #2(t).

Ross’s 50-point score in 2024 would have been good enough for #1 in 2023 and 2022.

Congratulations to Ross Jacobs for his best showing yet...and for his title wins to come!


Ross and Xavier are due to take a 1st-Round Mock crown...I want that bad to add to the FFM trophy room!


Xavier and Ross put a ton of research time into their mock draft work every season, and the national results reflect their efforts. Congratulations to two of the/THEE best in the industry!