It’s Senior Bowl week, so a fair amount of my attention will be on the TUE-WED-THU practices and then the game itself. It’s only one piece of the offseason scouting important one, but also can be a highly overhyped one – hey, we got two weeks until the Super Bowl, we need something to fill our football bellies with in the interim.

Just a quick rundown of events for me for this Senior Bowl ladened week...


 -- I will scout each day of the Senior Bowl practices and talk to sources, as usual, then file a notes/report on what I am seeing/hearing the following, practice reports will publish WED-THU-FRI.

I will do a game report style article for the game itself as well, to wrap up the Senior Bowl week...publishing next Monday.

Then all the week+ following the Senior Bowl week, I will re-grade the prospects and re-rank we prepare to see them again at the NFL Combine in late February/early March.

I will be working on the Combine previews/rankings by position as soon as the Combine group is announced officially, and those reports will start to publish mid-February right up to the Combine kickoff of workouts/events.


 -- Game reports on the Conference Final games from Sunday will be out TUE and WED, trying to complete them in the middle of the Senior Bowl buzz of activity and phone calls, etc.

We’ll do a Super Bowl preview next week, then the big/monster FFM Super Bowl extravaganza report we do annually to honor the final game of the season going ‘in the books’ will be posted the Monday after the big game.


 -- NFL Draft Scouting reports will still flow all week, but they’ll be coming out faster, more frequently once we get past Senior Bowl week.

I’m in the middle of studying the top QB names right now. Penix, Nix, Rattler...I will do their full study and reports AFTER I see them at the Senior Bowl. Working on McCarthy now...then plan to shift to Brock Bowers studies in-between Senior Bowl work...then switching back to the Senior Bowl QBs for deeper studies.


 -- I’m also working on team-by-team studies for our Dynasty (and Best Ball) valuations/rankings PLUS adding in key/top rookies into the projections as well.

The 2024 Dynasty top 600 rankings will hit...when I’m done with it, for the first wave...these things take time/can’t be rushed...but the target is mid-February after the Super Bowl is done, etc., and debuting well before free agency (which we project free agency impacts in on the debut report as best we can)...but then things will all change with the actual free agency changes...and then we’ll change our projections as reality strikes. We update the top 600 rankings weekly in the offseason.


 -- Our league awards series continues daily until we get to the finals, right before the NFL announces theirs.


 -- NFL Mock Draft season is upon us...Xavier and Ross are hard at work to capture titles in the national contests. All kinds of mocks, all pre-Draft long will be posted on FFM.


 -- When do the RC video Q&A shows begin again? After the Super Bowl some time...late Feb. or March restart. It will be Tuesday nights weekly, most weeks all offseason.


 -- All that and whatever other curveballs the NFL sends us...and I am working on some player-specific Dynasty reports to help Dynasty teams/owners take advantage of the offseason. Our Rewind reports will start soon too. So much dang football to work