(1) Twitch Live Video Stream Sit-Start Show 10:30am-NoonET every Sunday


PART ONE: 15-20 minutes news and notes. We shut off for 60 seconds and start Part Two (so Part One goes on demand for those who can't attend live)

PART TWO: Rest of time is sit-start questions until NoonET

 -- Planning to sign on 10:15-20amET to make sure all video/audio is working, and some preview of questions by me, but we start at 10:30amET

 -- You can put your questions in right away, I will get to them in the order they came in and try to get to them all by NoonET

 -- Let me know what I need to know in the sit-start: PPR/non/half? 4 or 6pts TD pass? Bonus scoring? Your opponent's QB if relevant. 

 -- If pertinent, let me know if you're radically down big or up big or whatever outlook from TNF and your projections...do we need a 'swing for the fence' option or do we need to play it safe?

 -- Many questions are a coin flip...and I will say so...meaning there's no radical difference between the options, and you can go anyway you'd like. I'll give my preference, but when I say 'coin flip' -- there is no obvious answer that is so glaring...thus your question, thus the 'coin flip' answer. Not everything is definitive. We're guessing and hedging and projecting as best we can on the fly.

(2) Final projections update

I jump off the video show at NoonET and then go into projections update mode. I will send an App alert when done. They should be updated around 12:30pmET. Any new news late breaking we will try to update and send App alerts on.