NOTE: Our usual Tuesday night show was moved to Monday 9/4 for the week, but it will be back to Tuesday for the rest of the season.


Two shows to go this week...


 -- THURSDAY 7:30pmET approx. start time going through the 1st-half of the game (at least). A watch party...a watch along live show.

A first for FFM...a Twitch Subscriber only event, as a thank you to all the Twitch subscribers. A special show for the NFL/FF kickoff.

I’ve been thinking of a way to thank all the people who have faithfully subscribed to our Twitch channel this past year+...and also to thank all of the faithful, magnanimous FFMers who have gifted people free subscriptions, out of their own pocket, during shows in real-time...this is a small thank you to you for being so gracious!

I thought of a way to give thanks this Thursday – a Twitch subscriber-only show on our Twitch channel. Unless you’re a subscriber to the FFMetrics Twitch channel, you won’t be able to join the party -- Twitch has this show control that can be selected/used, and we’re using it Thursday!


Easy ways to subscribe, one way is totally free to you...

Some have taken the free-to-you (and me) option, if you’re an Amazon Prime Subscriber, of giving FFM their Prime subscription gift each month. No cost to anyone but Jeff Bezos. Amazon owns Twitch and if your Twitch account is linked to your Amazon Prime, you have this free benefit.

IF you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, go to the FFMetrics Twitch page and click the purple ‘Subscribe’ box/rectangle and click the ‘Subscribe with Amazon Prime’...and done!

IF you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, if you have not done so already: you have to have your Amazon and Twitch accounts connected to access your free sub give. It’s pretty simple. Here’s how to do so per Amazon’s Help Page:

During the pregame time, we’ll be taking your sit-start or game betting or football-anything questions. At kickoff, we’ll turn our attention to the game, and we’ll be making commentary throughout...and take questions and comments between snaps and commercials. You can comment about it all in the chat along with the other viewers/subscribers.

You can also just straight up subscribe to the channel for $4.99 for a 30-day subscription, like you would sign up for anything online. It’s Amazon, so it’s easy.

More info on this special show and a surprise or two we are planning, on Wednesday and Thursday.

Bottom line, if you’d like to watch/listen along with us in one ear/eye and consume the game in the other ear/eye -- you have to be subscribed to the FFMetrics Twitch channel.




 -- The 2023 debut of the SUNDAY Morning Kickoff show: 10:30amET to Noon. *I may get on 10:15amET approx. to get things settled and see early questions and get a sound check, but show will really start at 10:30amET

All your sit-start questions and handicapping questions/ideas/comments and all the reaction to the real-time news, and inactives, etc., in live time.