Items posted so far today...  

 -- 2023 Dynasty Rankings: Top 600

 -- 2023 Best Ball Rankings: Top 600 

 -- 2023 Fantasy Football Draft Guide Update (9/1/2023)

 -- 2023 NFL Preseason Game Scouting (Wk3): Cowboys 31, Raiders 16

 -- FFM Handicapping Streaming Notes for the Week of 8/28 (8:51amET Fri. update)

 -- Thursday Night Live Video Show: Football Wagers with RC and Andrew Wk1 NFL

 -- Items planned today/this week below

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Coming up today (planned, subject to change):

Draft Guide Updates

DRD rankings update 20.0 (THU 9/7…updating the cuts and practice squads, etc.)

Draft Guide updates throughout August

Dyn/B-Ball rankings update up to kickoff




Items from yesterday:

 -- 2023 Dynasty Rookie Draft Top 300 (+IDPs) Rankings 19.0

 -- Cooper Kupp's Latest Injury (and how to redraft it)

 -- 2023 NFL Preseason Game Scouting (Wk3): Cardinals 18, Vikings 17

 -- DST Alerts for 2023 FF-Season ‘Fast Starts’...

 -- 2023 NFL Preseason Game Scouting (Wk3): Commanders 21, Bengals 19

 -- FFM Handicapping Streaming Notes for the Week of 8/28 (7:16amET THU. update)




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FFM Daily Summary...Sept. 1, 2023/Friday