2022 FFM Computer Simulation ‘Faux’ Season 2.0 (Conference Finals + Super Bowl)


Back in May/June the FFM cast of characters did their individual computer simulations of the 2022 NFL season + playoffs, post-NFL Draft. Now, we’ve had a summer of OTAs and training camps and injuries and suspensions…and, well…it’s time for another quick check in on the FFM computer sim 2022 season.

Just a quick pre-preseason games version with quick notes as we post a block of results daily for the next 10 days leading up to the first real preseason week of games. We’ll do Faux 3.0 right after the preseason/right before the actual season starts.



AFC Conference Finals

(3) Buffalo at (1) LA Chargers -- Bills win 51% of the simulations



NFC Conference Finals

(2) Green Bay at (1) L.A. Rams -- Rams win 53% of the simulations




2022 Super Bowl/Faux 2.0

(3) Buffalo at (1) L.A. Rams -- Bills win 51% of the simulations



That’s it for Faux 2.0 simulation. The third and final Faux (3.0) of the season will run after the 53-man rosters are set/September/before the regular season kicks off.