In no particular order, and typing fast/no real sorry for typos:


 -- Weather Issues in Florida

CHI-TB = Heavy rain hitting noon to 1pm and then tailing off by 2pm. Wet conditions to start the game and just slippery all game maybe – getting out of it 4th Q hopefully but still wet. These rains/wet condition situations were a drag on output Week 1 output (on top of sloppy play all throughout the league in any conditions).

KC-JAX = The heavy storms from Tampa may move towards Jacksonville (or just go underneath it) by 1-2pm but forecasts show a 70% chance of rain from 2pm on. It could really put a literal damper on the KC/JAX passing games.


 -- DeAndre Hopkins set to play but concerns he’s 50-75% and will be a decoy. Unsure what his real status is. He didn’t practice this week.

TEN also out top CB, a key SAF, and now an OG (sick). The great TEN upset bet over now just ‘a pick’.


 -- Austin Ekeler out. Josh Kelley will be decent, but he’s not Ekeler in the pass game...but should be OK there too. Facing a tough TEN run defense...a TEN D that is banged up in the secondary, it may be a Herbert day you hope Kelley gets in on big.


 -- Aaron Jones out = A.J. Dillon RB1 strong hopes vs. terrible ATL.

Christian Watson out = no real obvious winner. I mean, Doubs had 26 yards last week. Is there any GB passing game winner ever in 2023? Musgrave maybe here with LB Troy Andersen out for ATL?


 -- Melvin Gordon activated and he should see some touches, but it’s like Gus 1st with Justice a close 2nd and Mel a distant 3rd for any FF touches/hopes.


 -- LaMichal Perine activated Sat. night means CEH is too sick for Sunday. Rain game. A little more Isiah Pacheco on the ground, I think/hope.


 -- Two WR injuries popped up for MNF...

George Pickens slight hamstring...that’s a watch/concern but he’s not listed on any injury report as of yet, so that’s good news.

Amari Cooper groin IS on the injury now it’s a waiting/guessing game.


 -- Listening to Tampa’s O-C in his presser...the media keeps whining about the run game, and the O-C Canales talked about them hitting good run game goals on their metrics for Week 1...and how Rachaad White finished off the win with tough running at the end...and how Rachaad is still learning this run zone scheme and that he’s just getting up to ‘game speed’ because they don’t work the 1st-team getting hit in camp/preseason.

Canales said Rachaad will get as much volume as he lets Canales know he’s good or if he needs a break.

In the 16+ minute THU presser, Canales mentioned Sean (Tucker) and Chase (Edmonds) in a sentence for 2-3 seconds after talking about Rachaad’s learning of was like ‘and Sean and Chase too’.

Two minutes of talk about Rachaad in 16 minutes...2-3 seconds of Sean and Chase mentioned. And all talk for two weeks is Todd Bowles wants to run the ball heavy all game, all season to wear down opponents. 

Tampa Bay is not aware of some RB issues or Tucker takeover that the media seems to be into. Like when the media tried to replace Kirk Cousins a couple years ago after Week 2/a slow start. The media, grown men on TV who were ex-players went on TV BEGGING for a switch to Sean Mannion because he was thought to be better. Also, how long did they (the media...and thus fans) try to replace Jalen Hurts?  

The media has it out for Rachaad...not specifically, they just think he’s a nobody and they are looking for anything to replace him/get for FF for his fall. They are wrong. They should be looking at Najee, Khalil Herbert, and Mattison...but they always have egg on their faces/are 10 steps behind on anything.


 -- C.J. Stroud appears OK. Laremy Tunsil is the one to watch for concerns about HOU offense v. Indy.


 -- The Pats have a possible (4) OLs at risk of being out this week. MIA probably gets back their top OL Terron Armstead. I’m liking/loving Miami and laying the points this week.


 -- Brandin Cooks out = no real obvious winner v. the Jets defense anyway. Just helps the Jets DST...hurts Dak.